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Crushers are crushing machines, also known as shredders, made to break blocks of stone, concrete, ore, and other materials, with the objective of obtaining a certain granulometry, thus reducing their size and facilitating subsequent treatment. This equipment is generally used in mining and civil construction areas.

There are some types of crushers, with different functionalities and applications. Get to know some of them below:

Jaw crushers: used mainly as primary crushers. Their main purpose is to reduce material with fixed or movable jaws to a small enough size to be transported on conveyor belts.

Gyratory: reducing the material in a crushing cavity, between an external fixed element and an internal movable one, mounted on the oscillating shaft assembly, capable of regulating the particle size of the crushed material. Used also in primary stage, but often in secondary stage as well.

Cone: They resemble gyratory crushers from the technological point of view, but unlike them, conical crushers are used in secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushing stages. They are equipped with a hydraulic setting adjustment system, which adjusts the closed side setting, thereby affecting the particle size of the product.

By impact: Versatile crushing machines that can be used at any stage of the process. However, they are especially used when it is required that the product has a precise cubic shape, i.e. the final stage.

Dynamox monitors this type of equipment through wireless sensors and gateways, which collect and analyze the vibration levels of the machine, allowing the monitoring of its condition and useful life, without exposing technicians to related risks and unscheduled stops that would cause great losses.

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