Predictive maintenance supported by AI

Automated detection utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms developed by Dynamox to reduce downtime, avoid unnecessary analyses, and keep the plant in operation.


DynaDetect: a comprehensive predictive analysis tool


1. Data collection

Vibration and temperature data are continuously collected by Dynamox sensors and sent to the Platform.

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2. Analysis and detection by AI

Dynamox's proprietary model analyzes the data to detect and diagnose mechanical, electrical, and fluid dynamic failures in asset components.


3. Predictive reports

DynaDetect assists in the preparation of reports, helping the maintenance team to act assertively on the alarmed asset.


Automate fault detection with AI

Count on algorithms designed for analysis even in complex assets, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy of machine and component performance data.

Automated diagnosis

Informed decisions

Automate your data visualization across your entire plant and make high-impact decisions on a large scale.

Data Relationship

Turn your data into information and manage dynamic changes over time with specialized detection support.

Root cause analysis

Save time with automated diagnostics that help uncover the hidden causes behind production losses.

Improve your detections

Feedback on previously unmonitored faults helps optimize asset settings and expand automated detection.

Maintenance supported by Artificial Intelligence

Dynamox's approach differentiators

Specialist Models

Asset analysis by specialized models, considering their peculiarities and diagnosing specific failures.

Technical Team

Tool development by experienced data scientists, vibration analysis specialists, engineers, and physicists.


Continuous partnerships with universities and collaboration with predictive maintenance and Artificial Intelligence researchers.


Models tested and validated by experts with extensive experience in complex environments of large industries.


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