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The Dynamox ecosystem is an integrated solution for optimizing performance and increasing the reliability and availability of industrial machines and components.

DynaPredict Solution

Industry 4.0 solution for machine and component condition monitoring.

The base for the DynaPredict Solution is a DynaLogger, a Bluetooth data logger with vibration and temperature sensors to monitor machine health and perform triaxial spectral analysis.

The measured parameters are instantly displayed on the smartphone and its data history stored at the Web Platform for analysis and decision making.

The DynaLogger data collection is automated by a gateway - the DynaGateway - developed by Dynamox.

DynaPredict Solution

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It is a tool used to facilitate and structure sensitive inspection, in which the technician uses his senses (sight, hearing, smell and touch) to evaluate the "health" of the equipment. It can be integrated with the predictive inspection model of wireless sensors. Allows the planning and management of the analysis of collected data, through checklists and inspection routes, created and configured via Web Platform. For companies that perform sensitive maintenance inspection routes For companies that want to structure and computerize records of their sensitive inspection routes and make it available in the cloud in a centralized location Expected benefits Greater assertiveness in maintenance interventions, with sensitive inspection data Structure current sensitive inspection through the DynaPredict Sensitive App Comfort and flexibility to structure the inspection routine Productive follow-up of the sensitive inspector How it works The DynaSens user sets up his own checklist. This enables the user to incorporate the sensitive inspection routine in use. It allows the user to identify the status of inspection routes as well as their stage of completion within an established deadline. This further shows the user’s employer whether he is adhering to the inspection route as required. The checklist is performed in the palm of your hand, by mobile app, and sensitive data is combined with predictive sensing data for decision making. Consult our sales representative to confirm if this service applies to your region or country.

Monitoring and remote prognosis

The service of Monitoring and Remote Prognosis (M&RP) combines the use of wireless vibration and temperature sensors with data analysis and interpretation, alert generation and reports made by Dynamox. Dynamox is a vibration laboratory, specialized in signal processing. Its team of vibration analysts performs this task. The M&RP service can be combined with Dr. Predict's modules of automated detection of defects and failure prognosis. Who is it for It is indicated for industries that have started or wish to start their predictive maintenance process and that do not count with vibration specialists. Those industries want to remain competitive in the market, improving the reliability of their operation and availability of their machines. Expected Benefits Cost reduction with corrective and preventive maintenance through continuous monitoring; Access to vibration specialists who will monitor and report machine failure trends; Reduction of unplanned maintenance actions and lower risk of rotating component breakdowns; Increased workers’ safety in the inspection of assets and components; Efficient exchange of spare parts, extending its lifespan. *How does it work** Dynamox dimensions the project, defining the quantity and type of sensors and gateways to be used, makes the installation and defines alerts with the customer, and continuously follows the monitored parameters. These parameters are vibration (speed and acceleration), contact temperature and triaxial spectral analysis. If there are alerts, they are immediately communicated to the customer for his maintenance actions. A monthly report is issued. *Please check the complete service package availability with the local representative.

Integrated Inspection

Dynamox Integrated Inspection service combines the sensitive inspection software - DynaSens - with the predictive inspection generated by continuous asset monitoring with wireless sensors. The sensitive inspection informations are inserted in the specific mobile APP along the execution of the inspection route. This whole package is available through the DynaPredict Solution: Bluetooth sensors, mobile APP, automated collection of sensor data by a gateway and data centralization in the DynaPredict Web Platform for analysis, prognosis and decision making. Who is it for For industries that perform inspection routes for sensitive maintenance and also monitor their rotating machines with Dynamox vibration and temperature sensors; For industries that want to structure and computerize their sensitive inspection routes; For industries that wish to expand the number of installed sensors and add automated defect detection and failure prognosis for the monitored assets. Expected Benefits Greater assertiveness in maintenance interventions by combining informations from sensitive route inspection with wireless sensor data; Prepare the predictive maintenance environment for automated defect detection; Prepare the predictive maintenance for automated failure prognosis; Structure the current sensitive inspection route through the DynaPredict Sensitive App; Comfort and flexibility to structure the inspection routine; Productive follow-up of route inspectors. How does it work The DynaSens user sets up his own route inspection checklist. It is possible to incorporate the sensitive inspection routine in use. It identifies the route inspection status, its completion stage within the established deadlines. It shows the adherence to the inspection route per inspector. The route inspection checklist is a mobile performed task using specific APP, and the sensitive data is combined with the predictive sensing data for decision making.

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