Through 24/7 online monitoring and periodic sensitive inspections, Dynamox's solution identifies early signs of wear and potential failures, helping to increase the reliability and availability levels of industrial plants. Access the pump portfolio and check it out in full.

  • Chemical pump

    Chemical pump

  • Vacuum pump

    Vacuum pump

  • Lubrication pump

    Lubrication pump

  • Piston pump

    Piston pump

  • Pulp pump

    Pulp pump

  • Rotary vane pump

    Rotary vane pump

  • Vertical pump

    Vertical pump

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Increase the reliability of pumps and put an end to unplanned downtime

Equipped with IP66 / IP68 / IP69 / EX certified sensors, Dynamox's system can detect over 25 failure modes in pumps while helping you manage your industrial plant.

  • Remote monitoring

    Wireless sensors for 24/7 monitoring with a lean infrastructure.

  • Advanced analysis

    Advanced temperature and triaxial vibration analysis tools.

  • Automated diagnosis

    Automated detection of over 25 failure modes.

  • Sensitive inspection

    Checklists and inspection routes combined with remote monitoring.

  • Managerial visualization

    Visual management of maintenance processes with health calculation and integrated indicators.

  • Data integration

    Integration of asset vibration and temperature data and alerts with PIMS systems.


Recommended sensors for pump monitoring

HF+ outlinedHF+ sensor
HF+ mobile

HF+ sensor

  • Triaxial vibration from 1 Hz to 13 kHz

  • Temperature range from -10°C to 84°C

  • Suitable for detecting early-stage bearing failures, lubrication failures, cavitation, frequency inverters, pump rotor wear

TcAs outlinedTcAs sensor
TcAs mobile

TcAs sensor

  • Triaxial vibration from 3Hz to 2.5kHz

  • Temperature range from -10°C to 84°C

  • Suitable for detecting bearing failures at an advanced stage, more severe lubrication failures, cavitation, pump rotor wear


Automatically detect over 25 failure modes

The automated detection module analyzes and identifies signs of failures in pumps and their components, creating alerts categorized by criticality level. Based on the diagnosis, semi-automated reports can be generated, ensuring more agility in maintenance planning.



Monitor pumps health with inspection routines

Digitalize your sensitive inspection routines and increase their reliability with the integrated sensitive inspection module. Customize checklists, associate them with monitoring spots, create routes and follow up on asset health and inspector adherence.



Manage and view all the pumps in your plant

Increase the efficiency and reliability of industrial operations with the Alert Management and Diagnosis Dashboard for Pumps: DynaPump; and the Visual Management Dashboard: DynaNeo.

Visualize the entire production process and manage your plant in a customized, visual and unified way. Get complete visibility of your assets' health indicators to manage your predictive maintenance actions.

Get a comprehensive, real-time overview of pump performance. Follow up on alerts, severity status and fault diagnoses in one place.



Check out all the failure modes that the Dynamox system can detect

Check out the portfolio on pump monitoring and check out all the failure modes that can be detected in a pump, as well as explanations of operation, practical examples, and a complete case study.


In what conditions can the solution be implemented?

Application bg 1

Submersible pumps

Application bg 2

Pumps subject to high levels of contamination

Application bg 3

Lift pump and off-highway vehicle steering pumps

Application bg 4

Positive displacement pumps, internal monitoring inside the bearing housing


Discover the versatility of the DynaPredict solution

The Dynamox solution has great application potential. Contact our experts and find out we can help you monitor your equipment, regardless of industry sector.

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