High-tech company that develops systems for monitoring and acquiring vibration and temperature data. Specialist in vibration analysis and condition monitoring of industrial assets. Ideal solution for predictive maintenance. Dynamox has an R&D department that develops complete systems: hardware to industrial software

Our vision

To be a worldwide reference in user friendly sensor solutions and data analysis, supporting customers' digital transformation.

Our vision
Our mission

Our mission

Make our technologies accessible for all sizes of business.

Our Values

Dynamox seeks excellence in its processes through:

  • COMMITMENT to meet stakeholder expectations,
  • RESPECT for people in all their interactions,
  • EMPATHY in managing social and environmental issues,
  • SIMPLICITY in the way of acting,
  • CREATIVITY in proposing innovative solutions,
  • ETHICS in its positioning and obedience to the law in the various relationships,
  • RESULTS achieved in a solid and consistent manner.

Our Values

The People who make Dynamox

  • colaboradora-vanessa-card
    Vanessa Teixeira Chaves

    "There are several reasons to enjoy working at Dynamox: respect for the individual, work environment, structure and tools suitable for each role, leadership vision shared with employees, growth perspective, differentiated benefits, among others."

  • colaborador-daniel-card
    Daniel Tatsc

    ”What makes me enjoy working at Dynamox: the company's vision, to always keep its employees trained, through the support and encouragement to study, and ease of communication with management. Frequent feedback meetings are held in order to align thoughts, suggestions and criticisms, ensuring harmonious coexistence among all employees."

  • caolaborar-arthur-card
    Artur Nilo Valle

    "What I like most about Dynamox is the concern the company has for the physical and mental well-being of the team. The health options that the company offered, such as consultation with Osteopath and access to the GoGood health app, encouraged me to take even more care of my heath and exercise more.“

  • colaborador-lucas-card
    Lucas Zanette

    "Dynamox is a very friendly and warm environment to work in, and all sectors are very receptive to suggestions and criticisms."

Our History



Dynamox was born from the corporate transformation of Sysmarine Lt. ME, on 02/24/2015, registered at JUCESC on 03/20/2015, assuming the history of that company, since 2007. It starts its activities dedicating itself to industrial automation, with few and large national clients, of agribusiness, including one National award winner.



It starts to develop RFD tags for asset management in mining (Vale S/A) and agribusiness.



Introduces the creation and development of a wireless vibration and temperature sensor and provides industries the condition monitoring of critical machines. Besides monitoring global parameters of triaxial vibration and contact temperature, it is capable of performing spectral analysis. The technology aims at identifying failures before machine breakdown and avoid the cost of unplanned production downtime. Along with the sensor it develops mobile Application and Web Platform for data centralization, analysis and decision making.




Dynamox welcomes interns of all levels, technical secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate, master's and doctoral students from various courses. Launches the DynaGateway, gateway for automated data collection from multiple sensors installed on industrial machines. Launches and markets two new sensor versions, the DynaLogger HF, High Frequency, and the DynaLogger AS, Asynchronous sensor. In early 2018 starts its Duality Management System, including the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. Certifies products at ANATEL, INMETFi0 and AEx (release for use in classified zone). Expands its official website and publishes its Code of Conduct and Ethics, denouncing e-mail and elaborates several policies.



It develops and evolves hardware and differentiated software for each product, all by its own team, adding functionalities requested by clients, its team members and asset management specialists. Strategically, it adjusts the national sales operation for service by its own structure. On exports it uses a sales model by distributor (Chile and Mexico) and direct (Malaysia, Mozambique and Oman) and continues on the expansion to new international markets. Meanwhile, its directors and technical team visits current and potential clients, for market growth, search for product improvement and addition of new functionalities. The website is updated and expands the offer of technological services for the DynaPredict Solution users, expands the content and channels of Technical Support in addition to continuous insertions about predictive maintenance and asset management and its products, reaping expressive public acceptance. Also in 2020, the company moved to new headquarters, in the same Parque TecnolOgico Alfa, in a larger space, appropriate to its activity and structure.

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