Manage maintenance processes in a visual and unified way

The missing tool to facilitate visual asset management


Managing your maintenance process has never been easier

DynaNeo is a visual management dashboard that combines information from the DynaPredict environment into an integrated visualization, allowing the calculation of process health based on the indicators of interest to the user.

Creation of multiple dashboards for visualizing production processes.


Visibility for coordinated actions within the windows of opportunity.


Visualization of the DynaPredict ecosystem indicators in one place.

Visual and conclusive

Visualization of risk assets in the context of the production process for decision-making.

More clarity, autonomy and agility to manage the maintenance process

Get complete visibility into health indicators for managing your company's predictive maintenance.


Set up your process as you wish

Choose which assets and indicators matter to your process and create flows in a more efficient and customized way.

Presentation images


Drag and drop and organize your assets

Edit your production chain: with the drag and drop system you can easily drag and connect the assets on the board to create the flow.

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Complete visibility of the chain and health indicators

Visualize the entire assembled flow and the indicators of the assets you need.

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Visual and conclusive

Visualize and make decisions

Get a complete plant view and easily visualize how the downtime of one piece of equipment affects your production system as a whole. Quickly find your alarmed assets and instantly identify where you should take action.

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Monitor your productive flow in three dimensions

Transform asset visual management into an immersive experience with DynaNeo's 3D visualization.


Choose the best option for your needs

Or contact our experts to find out which plan is right for you.


Start managing your visual maintenance processes, map up to 5 different flows in your machine yard.

  • Creation of 5 flows
  • Up to 250 machines *
  • Standard

    Create the main process flows for your company.

  • Creation of 20 flows
  • Up to 1000 machines *
  • Enterprise

    Monitor as many processes as you need and create visualizations focused on your subprocesses.

  • Unlimited flows
  • Unlimited machines *
  • * Each flow supports a total of 50 machines.

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