Software Integration

For DynaPredict Solution

This is about the integration of raw or processed data from the DynaPredict Web Platform with specific industry management tools in use by the customer. The referenced data is generated by triaxial vibration and temperature DynaLoggers (sensors) applied to industrial assets and components.

Examples of management tools are: PI (OsiSoft), SAP, MindSphere (Siemens), customized Asset Management Centers (AMC's), among others.

Who is it for

For the industry using the DynaPredict Solution of wireless sensors for continuous asset monitoring.

Expected Benefits

  • Ready consumable information in an environment known by the team members;
  • The condition of monitored assets (vibration and temperature) on the daily used screens;
  • Greater agility in decision making;
  • Increase of process productivity;
  • Simplified information presentation through the specific dashboard customization.

How does it work

From the dialogue with the client, their requirements are understood and, then, it'll be suggested a format to have the relevant information available for the expected purpose. Allied with the client's IT team, the integration is designed, accordingly with guidelines and regulations for data security and quality of software services. The outcome will be a technical and commercial proposal with a delivery time stipulated. With the client's endorsement, the customized integration service is performed, including a testing stage with the client's IT team and, once approved, is made available in production.

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DynaPredict Solution

Wireless sensors for vibration and temperature monitoring are the basis of the DynaPredict Solution
DynaPredict Solution

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