Data integration between systems

For Dynamox Solution

Service for connecting data (raw and/or processed) obtained by Dynamox's IoT sensors and through sensitive inspection checklists with the desired system or tool. We enable data integration with renowned solutions such as PI (OsiSoft), ERP (SAP), MindSphere (Siemens), Customized Asset Monitoring Centers (AMC’s), and many others

Who is it for?

For the industry that uses Dynamox's asset monitoring technology solutions.

Expected Benefits

Making data available in different formats;

Easy integration;

Customization in data sending;

Solid background in analysis and process, enabling the generation of processed data.

How it works

Through dialogue with the client, their needs are understood, and paths are suggested to obtain the most pertinent information for the desired purpose. Working with the client's IT team, an integration alternative is chosen in accordance with data security guidelines and software service quality standards, resulting in both a technical proposal and a commercial proposal with a predetermined delivery timeframe. Upon client approval, the customized integration service is implemented, undergoing testing with the client's IT team. Once approved, it is made available in production.

GIS integration

The Generic Integration Service, also known as GIS integration, occurs via streaming by sending data to a bucket in the web platform environment hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

Additionally, it is available via API.

Customized integration

The customized integration service is performed by surveying the needs of each client. Then, the Dynamox developer team performs the access customization and provides the data.

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