For the DynaPredict Solution

DynaPredict is a tool used to facilitate and structure sensitive inspection, in which the technician uses his senses (sight, sound, smell, and touch) to evaluate the "health" of the equipment. It can be integrated with the predictive inspection model, to be used with Dynamox’s DynaLogger wireless sensors. This allows the planning and management of the analysis of collected data, through checklists and inspection routes, created and configured via Web Platform.

Who DynaSens is designed for

For companies that perform sensitive maintenance inspection routes

For companies that want to structure and computerize records of their sensitive inspection routes and make it available in the cloud in a centralized location

Expected benefits

Greater assertiveness in maintenance interventions, with sensitive inspection data

Structure current sensitive inspection through the DynaPredict Sensitive App

Comfort and flexibility to structure the inspection routine

Productive follow-up of the sensitive inspector

How it works

The DynaSens user sets up his own checklist. This enables the user to incorporate the sensitive inspection routine in use. It allows the user to identify the status of inspection routes as well as their stage of completion within an established deadline. This further shows the user’s employer whether he is adhering to the inspection route as required. The checklist is performed in the palm of your hand, by mobile app, and sensitive data is combined with predictive sensing data for decision making.

Consult our sales representative to confirm if this service applies to your region or country.

Our Services

In addition to our high-tech products for vibration and temperature monitoring and data acquisition, at Dynamox we offer customized and integrated services, important resources for effective asset management. Our R&D department relies on vibration specialists, focused on offering services in line with industrial needs.


It is a tool used to facilitate and structure sensitive inspection, in which the technician uses his senses (sight, hearing, smell and touch) to evaluate the "health" of the equipment. It ca...

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