Digitalize your company's inspection routine

Increase the reliability of inspection routines, bring more efficiency to the routes, and optmize field inspectors' time.

Follow the evolution of inspections in real time

Create and manage inspection routines from the platform, and run them through the application.


Checklists tailored to your needs

Gain autonomy and flexibility with customizable checklists suitable for the inspection of different types of assets.



Link checklists to your company's asset tree

Link the checklist to the machine, subset or component. Integrate sensitive inspection with predictive inspection, associating monitoring points and checklists with the assets they belong to.



Organize inspection processes through the inspection routes

Configure how often the inspection routes should take place, which assets to inspect, and which user should perform them. It is possible to configure the order of the checklists and collections, optimizing the execution of the inspection in the field.



Safety and speed in the identification of anomalies

Assess the health of the asset dynamically and digitally. Inspection routines are performed through the DynaPredict application, regardless of internet connection. You can also count on audio and photo resources for data storage.



View performance indicators and anomalies through the platform

After synchronization with the platform, monitor inspectors' compliance indicators and asset anomalies in real time.


More connectivity

Integrate DynaLoggers and DynaPortable into your inspection routine

  • Continuous monitoring of assets, minute by minute, with triaxial vibration and temperature sensors

  • Light, small and robust sensors with protection degrees: IP66, IP68 and IP69

  • Over 40 telemetry metrics that can be applied in different frequency bands up to 13 kHz (under development)

  • Identify symptoms of failure modes or defects in machines and equipment in a wide variety of field applications


  • "After one year of implementing DynaSens, we can say that the objective of not stopping processes or stopping them in a planned way is being achieved. The system has allowed us to create an inspection routine, in which the technician goes through all the company's equipment, focusing on the most critical ones. Thus, it is possible to notice when there are events such as noises, which would not be noticed if the inspection did not have a certain frequency. Using the products that Dynamox offers has guaranteed the increased efficiency of our equipment."

    Samoel Moreira

    Maintenance Planning and Control Coordinator

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