Monitoring the condition of assets with health and performance indicators

Rely on Dynamox's ecosystem to perform predictive machine monitoring combined with data intelligence tools.

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Get to know our solution for industrial asset maintenance

Collect data with sensors for analysis, generation of prognostics, and monitoring of health indicators. Direct maintenance priorities with assertiveness.


Wireless IoT sensors for vibration and temperature monitoring

Dynamox sensors are designed for use in classified areas and carry IP66/IP68/IP69/EX certification. They are fundamental parts of continuous monitoring processes, helping to avoid unexpected failures and increasing asset reliability.


HF+/HF+s Sensor

HF Sensor


Portable sensor for predictive maintenance routes

More agile monitoring of triaxial vibration data

Portable Sensor


Automated data collection with no limit on sensors per Gateway

Automate sensor data collection with Dynamox Gateways and eliminate the need for manual data collection via app.


Gateway for fixed networks

EWI Gateway


Gateway for fixed and mobile networks

 DUO Gateway


Installation, Supervision

Hire our team of experts for physical installation or supervision and commissioning of our devices.

Advanced tools for temperature and vibration analysis on the Dynamox Platform

  • Historical data graphs

  • Autocorrelation

  • Cepstrum

  • Waterfall spectrum

  • Spectrum averages

  • Waveform and spectrum

  • Envelope

  • Comparisons between measurements

  • Frequency markers

  • Alert notifications

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Make reliable and traceable records of your inspection routines

With DynaSens, field-collected data becomes a precise and reliable source for informed maintenance decisions.

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Customizable checklists

Gain autonomy and flexibility with customizable checklists suitable for inspecting different types of assets.

Route organization

Configure the assets, users, and the frequency of routes that you want to run, as well as the order of checklists and collections.

Platform indicators

Record route information offline in the app and view indicators, history and alerts on the web platform.

predictive analysis

An end-to-end predictive analysis solution

The full potential of artificial intelligence for maintenance management. Historical data combined with automatic detection to predict failures and avoid unplanned shutdowns.

Failure detection supported by AI

DynaDetect combines the expertise of our engineers with artificial intelligence to generate automated and responsive diagnoses.

  • Specialist models, with proprietary algorithms, trained through historical data and user feedback to detect signs of failures.

  • Automated failures detections that optimize team work.

  • Instant and responsive diagnoses, right from the first spectral.

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Alert predictability

Access alert predictions and telemetry data projections to plan assertive maintenance actions.

  • Telemetry data prediction tools and spectral metrics.

  • Date predictions until reaching A2 alert

  • Inspection reports and checklists to record and follow up asset history.

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Remote monitoring and prognosis

Dynamox's team of specialists sends out monthly reports and continuously monitors the previously defined monitoring parameters so that, in the event of alerts, the customer is immediately notified and maintenance is carried out.

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Health and performance

Complete management to monitor the health of your assets and industrial plants

Visualize the performance of your assets, have your production process mapped objectively and plan shutdowns and maintenance more easily.

Specialist dashboards for assets

Follow up on specific metrics for each type of asset and increase the efficiency of the maintenance process and the reliability of the plant.

  • Alarm values established on the basis of field studies and years of experience.

  • Frequent updates based on customer feedback and practical experience.

  • View asset metrics in a managerial and technical way for decision-making.

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Dashboard to manage maintenance priorities

Visualize the health data of your maintenance process in a single dashboard with DynaNeo.

  • Select the relevant assets and indicators to build your customized flow.

  • Predict downtime consequences by analyzing the process as a whole.

  • Quickly find alarmed assets and identify where you need to act

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Track your plant's health and manage asset monitoring

A comprehensive view of your plant on a dashboard that synthesizes alerts into health indicators, in addition to asset monitoring data.

  • Track the temporal evolution of plant health data

  • Compare work areas and monitor trends

  • Visualize monitoring infrastructure data

DynaNeo View


Autonomy to use monitoring data

The integration module converts the raw data collected via Dynamox's sensors into various formats, facilitating integration with other platforms and tools

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More reliability and precision for health and performance management

Find out about all the features and applications of the Dynamox solution for monitoring assets and managing maintenance actions. Fill in the form below and speak to one of our specialists.

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