Monitoring and Remote Prognosis

For Dynamox Solution

The Monitoring and Remote Prognosis (M&RP) service combines wireless vibration and temperature sensing with data analysis and interpretation, alerts and reports generated by Dynamox.

Who is it for?

It is recommended for industries wishing to begin their predictive maintenance process and do not have professional vibration specialists, as well as for those wishing to increase the monitoring coverage of their industrial plants.

Expected Benefits

Mitigation of failures and reduction of corrective maintenance

Predictive performance, reducing interventions and costs of corrective actions.

Increase in people's safety

Reducing failures contributes to safety and reduces the need for emergency action.

Expansion of the asset plant in the monitoring program

Possibility of increasing asset coverage due the expansion of labor force dedicated to analysis.

Optimization of the use and efficiency of the Dynamox Platform

The Prognostics Service analysts apply optimal configurations to the monitoring spots, ensuring maximum system utilization. These optimizations persist even after the eventual termination of the contract, providing lasting benefits to the end client.

How it works

Dynamox specialists monitor and analyze the installed spots remotely. Periodic reports are generated within the Dynamox system, and urgent cases are immediately alerted to the clients.

The team has a high level of technical understanding and reports, predictively, failures and necessary actions, aiming for excellence and zero failures.

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