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The service of Monitoring and Remote Prognosis (M&RP) combines the use of wireless vibration and temperature sensors with data analysis and interpretation, alert generation and reports made by Dynamox. Dynamox is a vibration laboratory, specialized in signal processing. Its team of vibration analysts performs this task.

The M&RP service can be combined with Dr. Predict's modules of automated detection of defects and failure prognosis.

Who is it for

It is indicated for industries that have started or wish to start their predictive maintenance process and that do not count with vibration specialists. Those industries want to remain competitive in the market, improving the reliability of their operation and availability of their machines.

Expected Benefits

  • Cost reduction with corrective and preventive maintenance through continuous monitoring;
  • Access to vibration specialists who will monitor and report machine failure trends;
  • Reduction of unplanned maintenance actions and lower risk of rotating component breakdowns;
  • Increased workers’ safety in the inspection of assets and components;
  • Efficient exchange of spare parts, extending its lifespan.

How does it work

Dynamox dimensions the project, defining the quantity and type of sensors and gateways to be used, makes the installation and defines alerts with the customer, and continuously follows the monitored parameters. These parameters are vibration (speed and acceleration), contact temperature and triaxial spectral analysis. If there are alerts, they are immediately communicated to the customer for his maintenance actions. A monthly report is issued.

*Please check the complete service package availability with the local representative.

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DynaPredict Solution

Wireless sensors for vibration and temperature monitoring are the basis of the DynaPredict Solution
DynaPredict Solution

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