Sugarcane harvesters

Dynamox offers the ideal solution to prevent failures and increase the reliability of sugarcane harvesters, combining online 24/7 condition monitoring with periodic sensitive inspection. Access the portfolio and check out the complete material.

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Increase availability and reduce fire risks.

With IP66 / IP68 / IP69 / EX certified sensors, the Dynamox system increases reliability while assisting in the production process management.

  • Remote monitoring

    Wireless sensors for 24/7 monitoring with a lean infrastructure.

  • Advanced analysis

    Advanced temperature and triaxial vibration analysis tools.

  • Sensitive inspection

    Checklists and inspection routes combined with remote monitoring.

  • Managerial visualization

    Visual management of maintenance processes with health calculation and integrated indicators.

  • Data integration

    Integration of asset vibration and temperature data and alerts with PIMS systems.


Recommended sensors for monitoring sugarcane harvesters


TcAg OutlinedTcAg Sensor
TcAg Sensor

TcAg Sensor

  • Temperature range -10°C to 84°C

  • Indicated for detecting failures that cause the locomotion system to overheat.

Technical data sheet TcAg


Visual and instrumented inspection of locomotion systems

Monitor the condition of hydraulic systems, diesel motors, base cutters, belts and rollers. Create digital inspection routes, with personalized checklist templates, integrated with the predictive inspection module.



Unified visualization of harvester indicators

Increase the efficiency and reliability of industrial operations with the Visual Management Dashboard and the Specialist Dashboard.

View and manage your entire harvester fleet in a personalized, visual and unified way. Get complete visibility of your assets' health indicators to manage your predictive maintenance.

Control and analyze the alerts from the sensors installed on the harvester's rollers. Visually manage all the monitoring spots and the general situation of each machine on a single screen.

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Check out the complete material about Dynamox's solution for sugar cane harvesters.

Take a look at the Dynamox portfolio for harvesters and find out more about projects under development, data integration, practical examples and success cases in monitoring.


Sensors applied in field

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