Belt conveyors

Dynamox offers the ideal solution to prevent failures and increase the reliability of belt conveyors, combining 24/7 online condition monitoring with periodic sensitive inspection. Access our portfolio on belt conveyors and check it out in full.

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  • Drive


  • Pulley


  • Self-aligning roller

    Self-aligning roller

  • Load roller

    Load roller

  • Return roller

    Return roller

  • Impact roller

    Impact roller

  • Chute


  • Magnetic separator

    Magnetic separator

  • Primary scraper

    Primary scraper

  • Secondary scraper

    Secondary scraper

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Increase the reliability of belt conveyors and put an end to unplanned downtime.

Dynamox's system includes IP66 / IP68 / IP69 EX certified sensors which can detect over 25 failure modes in belt conveyors, while assisting in the management of the industrial plant.

  • Remote monitoring

    Wireless sensors for 24/7 monitoring with a lean infrastructure.

  • Advanced analysis

    Advanced temperature and triaxial vibration analysis tools.

  • Automated diagnosis

    Automated detection of over 25 failure modes.

  • Sensitive inspection

    Checklists and inspection routes combined with remote monitoring.

  • Managerial visualization

    Visual management of maintenance processes with health calculation and integrated indicators.

  • Data integration

    Integration of asset vibration and temperature data and alerts with PIMS systems.


Recommended sensors for monitoring belt conveyors


TcAs OutlinedTcAs Sensor
TcAs Sensor

Sensor for pulleys

  • Triaxial vibration up to 2.5 kHz

  • Temperature range from -10°C to 84°C

TcAs Datasheet


HF+ OutlinedHF+ Sensor
HF+ Sensor

Sensors for motors, gearboxes, scrapers, chutes, brakes and couplings

  • Triaxial vibration up to 13 kHz

  • Temperature range from -10°C to 84°C

HF+ Datasheet


TcAg OutlinedTcAg Sensor
TcAg Sensor

Sensors for rollers

  • Minute-by-minute monitoring

  • Temperature range from -10°C to 84°C

TcAg Datasheet


Monitoring solutions for unconventional components

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Hydraulic coupling

Sensitive inspection

Reduce risks during conveyor operation with inspection routines

Digital inspection routes integrated with the predictive inspection module. Monitor the condition of components and view asset health indices and inspector adherence.

DynaSens EN

Open checklists

Create customized questionnaires with unlimited questions. Organize inspection processes by configuring route frequency, assets inspected and user in charge.

Manual belt thickness measurement checklist

Specialist checklist template for manual inspection of belt thickness using ultrasound. Keep track of sample values in the same belt measurement over time.

Roller map checklist

Specialist checklist model for inspecting belt conveyor rollers. It considers the most important characteristics, such as: position, type of roller, checklist and indication of criticality.

Automated diagnosis

Greater reliability with automated detection of 25 failure modes

The automated detection module analyzes and identifies signs of failure in belt conveyors and their components, creating alerts categorized by degree of criticality. Based on the diagnosis, semi-automated reports can be generated, ensuring more agility in maintenance planning.

Detect EN


Unified visualization of belt conveyor indicators

Increase the efficiency and reliability of industrial operations with the Visual Management Dashboard and the specialist Drive and Roller Dashboards.

Visualize the entire production process and manage your plant in a customized, visual and unified way. Get complete visibility of your assets' health indicators to manage your predictive maintenance actions.

Control and analyze sensor alerts on belt conveyors, mounted on components such as motors, bearings and gearboxes. View a customized image of the asset, with the monitored spots and their alerts and diagnosis per spot.

Control and analyze the alerts from the sensors mounted on the side and center of the rollers. Visually manage all the monitoring spots on a single screen.

DynaNeo EN


Check out all the failure modes that the Dynamox solution can detect in belt conveyors

Have a look at the portfolio on conveyor monitoring and check out all the failure modes that can be detected in a belt conveyor, as well as explanations of operation, practical examples, and complete case studies.


Adverse conditions in which the solution can be applied

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Belt conveyors subject to high levels of contamination

Application bg 2

High-altitude belt conveyors

Application bg 3

Enclosed belt conveyors


Learn more about the versatility of the Dynamox monitoring ecosystem

Contact our experts and find out how Dynamox can help you monitor your equipment, regardless of industry sector.

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