Dynamox’s sensors identify failures in a conveyor belt pulley side frame

September 18, 2023

Dynamox’s technology once again proved effective in detecting failures in advance. This time, in identifying a problem in the pulley side frame, a complex component to analyze, in Vale‘s conveyor belts.

Early identification of conveyor belt failure

Understand the process that led to problem identification and maintenance: 

  • In the RMS Acceleration graph below, it is possible to see that the first stage the 3 directions (horizontal, vertical and axial) show normal levels and are close to each other.
  • In the second stage, the vertical direction evolved and was the most sensitive to the failure that was on the early stages, while the horizontal direction also evolved. However, the axial direction did not evolve, proving not to be sensitive to the failure response in this direction.
  • In the third stage, the defect became a risk of collapse. As a result, the horizontal direction evolved beyond the vertical trend, and the axial direction also evolved sharply.
RMS acceleration - Early identification of conveyor belt failure

The following images show the Spectral Envelope graphs, including the circular waveform, before and after repairing the asset:

Spectral analysis - Early identification of conveyor belt failure
Graph comparison BEFORE and AFTER repair

After identifying the failure, as shown in the graphs above, it is worth emphasizing the importance of triaxial measurements. After all, one of the directions only showed changes when the defect became a risk of collapse, while the other two directions already showed abnormal levels.

Furthermore, triaxial collection has the advantage of allowing the severity of the defect to be determined, in addition to the traditional means of monitoring amplitude evolution. In this case, it was possible to assess the asset by going through the following stages: no defect identified, defect identified, and then “defect with risk of collapse”.

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