Dynamox identifies failure in paper machine dryer cylinder

September 8, 2023

The paper machine dryer cylinder is a very important asset in the production process, and it is monitored by Dynamox’s wireless sensors, together with the DynaDetect automated detection system.

Dryer cylinder failure - velocity metric
Continuous monitoring – velocity metrics

On April 5, there was an increase in the vibration level and DynaDetect identified a failure in the outer race of the bearing. After the scheduled intervention to replace the bearing, a reduction in vibration levels was observed, indicating the success of the action.

By analyzing the vibration spectrum, it was possible to confirm the failure identified by DynaDetect.

In the images below, it is possible to see the velocity vibration spectrum and the acceleration Cepstrum. In both cases, the failure is visible, demonstrating its severity.

Dryer cylinder failure - Velocity spectral analysis
Spectral velocity analysis with BPFO marking
Cepstrum analysis
Cepstrum analysis with BPFO marking

The Dynamox Web Platform enables different data analyses. It made it possible to follow up the distribution of the defect on the bearing using the autocorrelation graph.

Once it was clear that the defect was already spreading outside the bearing’s feeding area, the decision was made to replace it.

The images below show the autocorrelation of the monitored asset’s waveform.

Dryer cylinder failure
Waveform autocorrelation – 12 divisions per phase
Waveform Autocorrelation
Waveform autocorrelation – 9,17 divisions per phase

Once the fault was detected, it was possible to schedule maintenance actions for the asset and this was carried out at the right time.

With preventive replacement, the machine was down for 6 hours. In a corrective action, the time would have been 15 hours. A loss of 76.5 tons of paper was avoided.

Monitoring continued and a decrease in vibration levels was observed, which proves that the action was taken at the right time.

You can find more cases like this one on our blog. Read this article as well: Vibration monitoring in belt conveyor chute.

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