Dynamox identifies defect in conveyor tail pulley

September 21, 2023

Dynamox is a benchmark in the predictive maintenance process, offering a complete solution that helps maintenance teams guarantee safety, agility, and cost saving. Check out the impact of our technology:

Using Dynamox’s wireless monitoring system, it was possible to identify an increase in vibration levels, which caused a defect in the tail pulley of a belt conveyor, an asset considered critical to the industry’s production process. 

Defect in conveyor tail pulley

The trend graph was one of the tools used for vibration analysis to monitor the evolution of the machine’s dynamic behavior. It makes it possible to identify increasing or decreasing vibration trends in certain frequency ranges and amplitudes.

Pulley defect - trend curve
Trend curve

The system revealed a defect in the BPFO bearing outer race, located on the tail pulley of the conveyor belt.

Bearing defect

Using the bearing marker (22224), with the acceleration envelope, it was possible to identify the problem accurately. The images below show the defect frequency and rotation modulation, indicating its severity.

An intervention was scheduled and the bearing was replaced at the right time, avoiding losses in the industry’s production flow, as well as widespread equipment failure.

waveform graph
Waveform graph
spectral envelope graph
Spectral envelope showing the BPFO outer race failure

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