A more assertive predictive maintenance

December 7, 2022

One of the biggest challenges for a maintenance manager is to make decisions in a more assertive way. After all, management exists to seek more and more competitiveness, economy, and the increase of the operation’s productivity.

With this in mind, automated systems and reports can support you in this quest to identify problems or failures even before they happen, as we reported in the case: 3D waterfalls optimize production in an agribusiness industry. 

Check in the text how the graphical tools of the Solution can contribute to the increase of assertiveness in the industry maintenance strategy.

But before we go any further, let’s first define the concept of assertiveness in the maintenance world.

What is assertiveness?

In the context of predictive maintenance, assertiveness is the quality of determining failure trends and their causes more precisely. For this reason, it is necessary to support its analysis by means of supporting tools such as interactive dashboards and online charts.

Automated data collection and analysis systems are great allies when it comes to obtaining more accurate information. The automation of collections allows the creation of intelligent reports that clearly point out the signs of failures in assets.

The reports present crucial information for maintenance to become assertive, since they increase the predictability of the equipment.

Visualization Graphs

The graphs are important visualization tools in the evolution of failures. Within the Web Platform, it is possible to find several forms of online graphs that assist in the analysis made by the technical maintenance teams.

Check it out!


Launched in 2022 on the Web Platform, the cepstrum graph is another tool that assists in the detection of faults such as defects in gearboxes and electric motors.

Cepstrum is an anagram of the word spectrum, because in cepstral analysis a mathematical transformation in logarithmic form is applied to the spectrum to identify patterns of events happening in the frequency domain.

By performing the shift in the signal domain from the frequency domain (in Hertz) to the quefrence domain (in seconds), the goal is to identify amplitude peaks evenly spaced across the spectrum.

3D Waterfall

One of Dynamox’s innovations, the 3D Spectral Waterfall was one of the first interactive graphical forms available for spectral analysis of asset failures.

Now it is possible to see not only the overall trend evolution of the parameters, but also the comparison of a series of individual spectral analyses.

Thus, tracking warning signals such as the appearance of harmonics or an evolution of levels in band became much easier! 

Circular Waveform

You are probably already familiar with the linear waveform graph. This is the best known graph in equipment failure analysis.

In order to provide a more intuitive visualization, the circular waveform graph has also been included in the Web Platform.

This tool presents the same information as the linear waveform, but represents it in polar coordinates.


Autocorrelation is a graphical tool that allows the visualization of defects through the correlation of waveforms with themselves. Thus, generating a correlation factor at each instant.

By visualizing the changes in this correlation factor it is possible to identify trends in equipment failures.

Alerts and dashboards for more assertive detection

Having a wide availability of tools that assist in fault detection is a big step towards assertive maintenance.

However, just having tools is not enough, it is necessary to access all this information in the same place. Therefore, the Web Platform makes the DMA (Decision Making Assistant) panel available, which helps decision making by presenting a summary of the conditions of each registered spot.

In addition to the predictive analysis tools, Dynamox also has a sensitive inspection tool, DynaSens. This tool helps in the planning and execution of inspection routes, offering customized checklists via application that facilitate the inspector’s activities!

In addition to access to the sensitive and predictive inspection modules, you can also access the integrated inspection module.

In integrated inspection you can merge the informations.

All this can be accessed through the Integrated Inspection panel, available in the Web Platform.

Integrated Maintenance Inspection

When it comes to overviews to support maintenance management, the Solution goes further.

In the Integrated Inspection tab, we provide dashboards that show health indicators and asset condition severity alerts, and technical reports regarding the condition of monitored assets.

The goal of the health indicator panel is to signal which areas of the plant are most compromised. Thus, the management of the maintenance teams can make quick and assertive decisions.

All this is designed to optimize the maintenance strategies in the day-to-day industry.

After all, our purpose revolves around safety for people and reliability and predictability for assets.

Our main concern is to offer a robust, quality system that is a reference in predictive maintenance, ensuring a more assertive operation in your industry.

Interested? Find out more about the Solution by downloading the brochure. If you prefer, please contact us.

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