3D waterfall graph optimize the production the agrobusiness industry

June 20, 2022

Dynamox’s sensors present a diferential in relation to data collection and reading extracted during its monitoring realized in industrial assets. Because they have a sensing system in the three axial axes, it is possible to visualize the collected data in the form of a 3D waterfall spectral graph.

The vibration and temperature data collected from the equipment are communicated via bluetooth and are sent to the cloud and are utilized to generate the most variated visualization graphs in a simple and interactive way, being an innovation from the Platform to be posteriorly analysed.

The equipment to be monitored

The monitored equipment was the plansifter, which consists in a vertical vibratory sieve coupled to an electric motor, used to separate grains in agribusiness.

This asset performs a critical function within the factory and each unscheduled stoppage of this machine takes more than eight hours to repair, affecting the entire production line and bringing huge losses to the industry, related to the cost of required maintenance and man hours. In 2021 alone, there were six breakdowns of the equipment, which generated major production losses.  

Based on this data and thinking about ways to anticipate the failures that the asset had been presenting frequently, the technical team identified Dynamox’s sensors as an option to monitor the machine’s operation and identify failures in early stages. 

Therefore, 60 sensors were installed, four in each machine. Hence, about 15 pieces of equipment were monitored, measuring vibration and temperature data remotely. 

Obtained Results with 3D waterfall

With the support of criticality alerts and the 3D waterfall spectral graph, the technical team was able to act in the failure’s specific point and in less than 2 months, 6 anomalies were repared from 8 detected by the sensors and maintenance software.

The repairs brought significant gains in the availability of parts and the asset as a whole, safety for the employees who work directly with the machine, avoiding high costs of unexpected downtime. 

In one of the examples we have the increase in the measured temperature parameters indicating a possible failure in the electric motor. The equipment was working at a temperature of 96°C, decreasing the life of the bearings and the winding insulation by about 30%.

It was found that the motor was very dirty and after cleaning the temperature levels showed a 46% reduction, thus increasing the availability of the equipment.

As a great differential of Dynamox in relation to the sensoring sector, the company highlights that the wireless technology used by the DynaLoggers had a favorable impact on the decision to acquire the sensors, and that in practice was confirmed as a positive aspect, bringing greater practicality in the implementation and use of the solution proposed by Bunge’s maintenance team.

According to Davi Carvalho, Predictive Technician for over 10 years, “The easy to configure interface and the 3D waterfall graph surprised me by the assertiveness of failure detection, in addition to the reduction of accidents with operators. The investment in continuous monitoring was the gateway of entry of our company in Industry 4.0, highlighting Bunge as a pioneer in wireless monitoring”.

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