Wireless sensors for vibration and temperature monitoring are the basis of the DynaPredict Solution
DynaLogger TcA+
DynaLogger TcA+

Ideal to detect faults in stator and rotor windings of electric motors and common defects related to shafts and rotors such as misalignment, looseness, imbalance and cavitation as well as bearing defects.

DynaLogger HF
DynaLogger HF

Recommended to detect early stage bearing defects, broken bars on electrical motors and gear, drive assemblies and rotor defects in critical high speed rotating machines.


The DynaPredict Solution, in the available DynaLogger versions is ideal for predictive maintenance, in the continuous monitoring of rotating machines and components, generating results such as:


Reduction of unplanned maintenance interventions


Increased reliability and availability of monitored assets


Significant increase of shop floor workers’ safety


Potential cost reduction with reactive and preventive maintenance


Centralized data allowing remote analysis and prognosis


Efficient exchange of spare parts, extending its use

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Automated data collection
Automated data collection
App for data collection and analysis
App for data collection and analysis
DynaPredict Web Platform
DynaPredict Web Platform

Specialized services for your needs


It is a tool used to facilitate and structure sensitive inspection, in which the technician uses his senses (sight, hearing, smell and touch) to evaluate the "health" of the equipment. It ca...

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Software Integration

This is about the integration of raw or processed data from the DynaPredict Web Platform with specific industry management tools in use by the customer. The referenced data is generated by t...

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Installation and parameterisation of Sensors and Gateways

The Dynamox specialized team does the physical installation or supervision of the installation, parameterization and commissioning of the DynaPredict sensing system. It also includes the tra...

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