7 Benefits of sensitive inspection with the DynaSens

July 28, 2022

Sensitive inspection in industries is a fundamental premise used to closely analyze an asset through the human senses, according to a script based on the maintenance management of each plant.

In this sense, taking into account that defects can present themselves in various forms and for various reasons, it is necessary to have a good inspection plan that guides the inspector in this activity.

To meet this need, the DynaSens, Dynamox’s sensitive inspection solution, is a tool developed to facilitate the inspector’s day to day in directing the items to be checked in his routine, as well as support the life of the manager, responsible for the structure and monitoring of the “health” of the equipment.

The purpose of the system is to optimize the identification of anomalies through the planning, definition, and management of checklists and inspection routes.

Check below the main advantages of Dynamox’s sensitive inspection system and how it can help you in asset maintenance management.

DynaSens Benefits

1- Customizable checklist templates

The checklists are sequences of questions, created within the Web Platform and focused on extracting information from the equipment and its surroundings, which guide the inspector in checking potential anomalies in the equipment present in the inspection routes.

The functionality has several checklist templates that can be used in different situations and needs, where the questions are configured and/or customized according to the characteristics of each asset. Among the types are:

Standard Checklist: the templates are open for customization and are completely customizable according to the needs of each inspected asset;

Checklist for rollers: this is a model created for the inspection of conveyor belt rollers, seeking the specificities consistent with the inspection of this type of asset.

Manual measuring checklist: in this model values of physical quantities such as pressure, temperature, thickness, viscosity, etc. are registered. Measured with the support of metrological instruments;

Belt thickness checklist: this checklist is similar to the manual thickness measurement checklist.

However, it enables the user to record values from several samples in a single measurement, ideal for the process of measuring the “belt” of a conveyor belt.

2- Manageable inspection routes

The tool allows the control of periodicity, start date, actions to be taken by the inspector and responsible users, as well as the definition of the routes that indicate the path the technician will follow while answering the checklists during the inspection of the assets.

In this step the sequencing of tasks is defined in order to ensure a more reliable and assertive inspection coverage.

3- Electronic Forms

This is where the magic happens! This step is performed in the application, where the inspector receives the inspection demands planned in the creation of the routes and, through the answers to the checklists, he collects information from the machines and registers what his senses have observed.

In a practical and agile way, the tool assists the inspection process by technological means.

In the App, while the inspector answers the checklists, it is possible to determine the criticality/severity of the reported anomalies, which later become alerts , and also has attachments such as photos, audios, and comments that facilitate the understanding of the anomalies described in the reports.

The functionalities replace the inspector’s need to use paper and clipboards, making the process more modern and practical, by centralizing the information collected through electronic forms.

4 – Centralized fault indicators

After executing the inspection routes, the data collected are centralized in the cloud and made available through dashboards of the DynaPredict Platform.

On the web it is possible to get an overview of the plant’s health organized by anomaly location, as well as by occurrence and alerts noted.

On the dashboards you can consult the anomalies reported in the field, by means of reports that present an overview of the situation of each route and the condition of the equipment, allowing an overall view of the plant or a detailed view of specific assets.

5 – Technology in favor of asset-centered maintenance

The DynaSens is a specific tool for the sensitive inspection process and complementary to the DynaPredict Solution, which allows the combination of sensory and instrumented techniques, and can also be linked to Industry 4.0 systems.

Combining the accuracy of the DynaLoggers (vibration and temperature sensing) with the human senses of a skilled inspector is the context of integrated inspection that seeks to improve the performance of the asset monitoring service.

In this environment, the information together provide a wide coverage of the asset, seeking reliability and assertiveness in the identification of possible failures.

6 – Organized History

The use of the DynaSens tool goes beyond recording information, it is the efficient organization and standardization of inspections, supporting the shutdown and corrective planner to have enough information for decision making.

All information collected from assets is saved in the cloud and can be accessed at any time for consultation via the DynaPredict Web Platform.

Within the platform, you have access to the health indicators of the inspected assets, as well as the status of inspections (performed/not performed and pending), criticality alerts, and the evolution of operating parameters measured in the field.

7 – Follow-up and analysis of the inspector’s performance

Among the advantages, there is also the follow-up of the inspector’s performance analysis, that is, the team’s productive performance.

According to the defined routes it is possible to evaluate if the items foreseen in the pre-defined inspection route have been answered, what kind of checklist was done during the route.

As you have observed, the DynaSens aims to optimize the sensitive inspection processes in your industry through industrial technology in favor of asset maintenance management.

Check out more details on the application of the tool by reading the article “Step-by-step to deploy sensitive inspection with DynaSens” and learn more.

In addition, the DynaSens is the ideal tool for one looking to develop an integrated maintenance inspection, when interfaced with predictive maintenance related data systems such as Dynamox’s wireless sensors.

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