The Timber industry, which works with the production, harvest and processing of trees for various uses, is responsible for the production of products that are part of people's daily lives. From sawn wood in its multiple uses, through plywood, panels, doors, frames, floors, wooden structures and buildings in general, pallets and biomass for energy, processed and industrialized wood has great capillarity of applications and uses and important synergy with various other industrial sectors.

The national timber industry is recognized for its production that invests in product development, technical improvement and new solutions. And, to maintain high production performance, asset management becomes essential. In this process, several equipment are used, from chippers, rotating saws, boilers, digesters, presses, conveyors, exhaust fans, among other equipment, which within the process are installed in isolated areas or even classified areas.

To maintain the health and availability of this equipment for the smooth and safe operation of the process, Dynamox vibration and temperature sensors can be an important ally. Certified to operate in AEx Zone 0 and completely wireless, the system, which also consists of a mobile Application, Gateway and Web Platform, allows continuous monitoring of machines, working on what is called predictive maintenance. The goal is to identify potential faults and take action before a functional failure occurs, thereby preventing production downtime and corrective costs.

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