Machinery and Components

Rollers are essential components for the movement of conveyor belts. Consisting of cylinders that rotate around their own axis, conveyor rollers are essential components for the operation of equipment that can reach a length of several kilometers.

Each application requires a specific model of roller that can be in the category of load rollers or return rollers. Some models are:

  • Impact roller.

  • Troughing rollers.

  • Picking table rollers.

  • Transition rollers, Troughing rollers or Transition Idler.

  • Return rollers.

To optimize conveyor maintenance in general, monitoring the high number of rollers with telemetry data is ideal.

For roller applications, the sensors can be used to monitor temperature and vibration and can be applied on a large scale.

Gains with our solution:

Due to the large number of sensors required to serve the remote sensing of rollers, we have developed a smaller and more cost-effective model to serve this application. The TcAg is perfect for controlling global rollers' vibration and temperature data practically in real time, enabling the early scheduling of maintenance interventions. We also highlight that it is not necessary to remove the sensor to change the roller, making repair processes even easier.

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