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Pulp and paper industries generally operate 24x7 and, consequently, require a high availability of assets. In addition, due to the hostile environment, with high generation of steam, dust and heat, several machines can pose risks to employees.

These and other factors mean that this type of industry shall operate in the most possible reliable way, avoiding unexpected failures and unscheduled interruptions, especially with critical assets to the production process.

The papermaking process starts with planting the forest, goes through cutting, chopping, pulping, then bleaching, drying and finally the leaf formation. The execution of these processes consists of several rotating equipment such as engines, pumps, refiners, reducers, fans and so on. The success of the operation depends on the health and the good performance of these assets.

A good way to increase the reliability of these assets is to analyze the operating condition in terms of parameters such as vibration and temperature. The Dynamox wireless sensor, along with other components of the DynaPredict Solution, offers a safe and efficient way to do this.

Composed of continuous monitoring of vibration and temperature, in addition to monitoring of online vibration spectra, the system assists in the detection of potential faults, allowing the adoption of maintenance measures in order to provide a longer useful life to the assets.

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