The mining industry operates in the extraction and transformation of minerals that have an associated economic value. The extraction of ores is especially necessary to obtain non-renewable materials or otherwise replace excessive time consuming or very expensive industrial processes. In the extraction and transformation processes, a range of fixed and mobile equipment is used, such as, for example: motors, pumps, conveyor belts, crushers, mills, cranes, vibrating screens, off-road vehicles and others.

In such an important industrial sector and with high value machinery of high associated value, the concern with the proper working of the assets is constant. The maintenance team uses several analysis tools to detect and prevent problems, among which vibration monitoring stands out. The monitoring is generally useful to assist in the decision making of improved operational efficiency, reducing maintenance stoppages and avoiding greater expenses with the breakdown of the machine.

The monitoring of vibration in mining equipment is usually more complex when compared to other industries, due to site conditions, continuous operation and the heavy efforts to which these types of machinery are subjected. Sometimes, the machinery is in conditions of a lot of dust, high temperatures, humidity and the presence of corrosive chemicals or still in the presence of explosive gases, as is the case of underground mines.

Dynamox has know-how and experience in monitoring assets in the mining industry. Our sensors are IP 66 and IP 68 certified, making them robust enough for the most diverse applications within the mining industry. DynaLoggers are wireless and this feature can help a lot in an environment like this, avoiding broken cables and connectors or other problems that can stop asset monitoring.

With the DynaPredict wireless temperature and vibration solution, we help establish machine baselines and create trends in key components. In addition, we have a highly trained team for support and advice on the best sensor specifications for each machinery and proper installation. We have developed specific Dashboards to assist in monitoring common machinery in the mining industries, such as, for example, our Vibrating Screen Dashboard.

Dynamox solutions for the mining industry are diverse and of high quality, helping in predictive maintenance of assets in this sector.

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