Dynamox is an ISO 27001 certified company

September 13, 2021

ISO 27001 certification refers to the set of information security management practices, adopted by Dynamox, seeking to ensure its integrity, availability and confidentiality to the relevant stakeholders.

This also aims to qualify people and the organization as to risk assessment, minimizing operational and financial losses. 

The process of adequacy to regulatory requirements and certification lasted 8 months and was conducted by Dynamox internal team with external consulting support from OSTEC / Dédalo, and with the certification body BVC – Bureau Veritas Certification.

The main audit took place in July 2021.

Certification Benefits

ISO 27001 compliance allows certified companies to be aligned with the information security best practices at all levels and in conformance with current laws and data protection requirements.

In addition, it counts on the analysis and reduction of risks that minimize eventually identified vulnerable points, cost reduction with more effective investments, and the competitive advantage in relation to the increase of clients’ trust.

 Given this scenario, the internal organization of the company is now constantly evaluated against an international standard, with defined information security objectives and actions, turning its performance more effective.

This brings continuous improvement to the organization and enhanced integration of management systems that in turn meet the requirements of other standards, such as ISO 9001 Quality Management System, in which Dynamox is also certified.

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