7 benefits of the Dynamox Solution in maintenance

February 27, 2023

When we talk about safety in maintenance we are talking about the impact that the activities of the job can have on the life of an industry professional.

Direct contact with rotating machines and heavy vehicles, for example, are situations that are part of the daily routine of maintenance personnel and can cause serious accidents without a pre-established containment plan.

With this in mind, we have prepared for you a list with the 7 main safety benefits for your maintenance team, using predictive techniques such as online and remote machine monitoring from the Dynamox Solution. See below!

Benefits of Wireless in Maintenance

1 Accident Reduction

Starting with the fundamental pillar of maintenance activity: safety! Unlike the wired system, the wireless system reduces human exposure to the risk of accidents in the area of maintenance activity, allowing to obtain data and information without direct contact with the machine or asset.

2 – Automated collections

The DynaLoggers perform 1008 measurements/day that can be accessed at any time by the Dynamox application, enabling a greater number of collections at a time pre-established by the user, by three directions in one and also of temperature values.

3 – Workforce optimization

Remote and wireless sensing reduces the need for the technician to go to the equipment to collect data manually, eliminating the use of spreadsheets, optimizing the service through reports on accessible screens as a cell phone or tablet.

The replacement of the manual process, optimizes the collection and reporting processes of the machine or equipment condition, providing failure predictability.

4 – Availability of the collection system

Wired monitoring systems usually require a separate data collector and can present problems due to a lack of synchronized time logic, interrupting the collection and requiring further investment later.

Our system stores data in the sensor’s memory and in the cloud, centralizing data for analysis and remote prognosis.

5 – Greater reliability

The centralization of machine data is essential to support analysis and decision making, optimizing the maintenance plan and consequently the reliability of industrial assets.

6 – Installation

The ease of installation of wireless sensors is fast and low cost, since there is no need for a technical infrastructure to perform the measurements (such as the use of conduits, cables, etc).

Another benefit related to installation is the adaptation to extreme locations without safe access, contamination, and dirt. Its size facilitates installation in places with few/minimal possibilities and eliminates unpleasant suppressions caused by bad weather, washing system processes, or those involving large amounts of water.

7 – Resource Optimization

Finally, among the advantages are the reduction of unplanned maintenance actions, the safe increase of machinery, in line with NR12, and the efficient exchange of spare parts, thus extending the useful life.

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