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Dynamox offers solutions that are adherent to different types of industries.



  • Olavo Duarte

    "Dynamox technology allows us to manage the health of our assets, bringing benefits that go beyond monitoring, among them: Differentiated technical support, data/information security, gains in productivity and reduction in the exposure of predictive inspection teams, among others. At Carajás Power Plants, we are already reaping the fruits and generating potential gains that correspond to less than 0.6% of the project's investment".

    Olavo Duarte


  • Carolina Wiggers

    "After applying the sensors and using monitoring, the changes were noticeable, as the inspection gave a lot of credibility by having the information on the spot, the fault diagnoses were a determining factor of the efficiency of the sensors, expanding the project to more sensors in other assets of the plant."

    Carolina Wiggers


  • Marcelo Nascimento

    "The main reason for working with Dynamox is because of the harsh nature of our environment ranging from high temperatures to emulsion. The DynaLogger was the only sensor that could perform in this hostile environment of our rolling mills. The growth of Dynamox is being exponential due to the robustness of its technology that every day that passes receives more added value not only in the sensor but also in the software.

    Marcelo Nascimento


  • Gilberto da Costa

    "We have Dynamox as a partner in developing solutions to increase the reliability of our production lines."

    Gilberto da Costa


  • Roque Martins

    "Innovation is in Souza Cruz's DNA. To stay ahead of the market, we understand that it is necessary to transform the industry, always seeking new ways of working. We can only do this with mastery, with a network of partners as strong as Dynamox. Currently, we already have equipment installed in various units throughout Brazil and we are very satisfied with the quality and reliability of Dynamox equipment.

    Roque Martins

    Souza Cruz

  • Walmoli Gerber Jr.

    "We have incorporated Dynamox products into our service portfolio and are very happy with this partnership, the products have high efficiency and quality, we have increased trust and quality in our customers"

    Walmoli Gerber Jr.

    Executive Director - BrasilRad

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