Wireless sensors generate savings of R$ 2 million

February 8, 2021

In a period of 15 months, Bruning Tecnometal, a metallurgical industry based in Panambi (RS), managed to avoid the loss of more than R$ 2 million with failure detection in equipment through wireless sensors, the DynaLoggers, from Dynamox.

By performing vibration analysis, it was possible to change parts and overhaul machines, such as compressors and electric motors, Spindle of machining machines, and bearings of the mechanical presses’ transmission system, before they break, avoiding long shutdowns and ensuring greater availability of equipment for the production process.

Gilmar Garcez de Oliveira, from maintenance engineering at Brunning, presented the success cases on his Linkedin page and guarantees that the use of sensors for monitoring was a turning point in his career. “The implementation of the Dynamox solution was revolutionary.

One of the manufacturers of mechanical presses even claimed that vibration analysis was not effective on this type of equipment, and we were able to prove otherwise.

“The results are undeniable. My almost 20 years of professional experience, more than 11 years in maintenance, are divided into before and after vibration analysis.

We started with only three sensors and expanded to 24. In 2021 we want to increase this number even more”, he says.

With an investment in sensors and gateways from Dynamox, the maintenance team, for example, managed to avoid a R$ 224k expense after the vibration analysis resulted in the identification of a foreign body inside a compressor element.

To solve the problem, Brunning spent R$36k, an 83% saving on just one piece of equipment.

Photos of the damage caused by the foreign element

In another example, the case of a Mahnke press, the team was able to check the wear on the rollers and clearances in the bearing races. Predictive maintenance and planned corrective action generated a 92% saving on this asset alone, when comparing the cost of the planned corrective action and the avoided expense.

The amount does not take into account the loss in production that could have occurred due to the 75 days of machine downtime in case of a breakdown.

Thus, from one planned correction to another, Bruning’s predictive maintenance team managed to avoid spending more than R$2.8 million for over 15 months by continuously monitoring a portion of the critical machines with wireless sensors.

Photos of Damaged Equipment

For Dynamox’s CEO, Guillaume Barrault, the company’s mission is precisely to help maintenance teams identify problems early and thus avoid losses in the production process. “Successful cases like Brunning’s make us proud and show us that we have been achieving our goal of guaranteeing the availability of machinery.

The investments made in our solution are bringing unprecedented and, better yet, measurable gains to our clients. Congratulations to the Bruning team for the success achieved with the use of our products”, he highlights.

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