Vibrating screen fault in springs is prevented with sensors

February 8, 2023

A vibrating screen monitored by wireless sensors from Dynamox showed an increase in the trend graph in acceleration on the Dynamox Web Platform.

With remote monitoring of the asset and automated collection performed through Gateways, it became possible to identify a fault in the front springs of the equipment.

The fault was detected by the triaxial vibration sensor installed at the base of the right-side front spring.

As a result, the Dynamox system generated an alert via e-mail to the client, signaling that there was an evolving fault.

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Through this notification, the company’s maintenance team carried out a field inspection that validated the diagnosis pointed out by the system, showing that the springs were damaged and out of place.

The Dynamox system performs collections as predefined by the user during machine configuration, depending on the maintenance team’s strategy and asset criticality, as you can better understand in the explanatory video below.

Component Vibration Graphs

Through the graphs of RMS acceleration and Peak to Peak it was possible to see the evolution in the vertical and axial axes.

It is possible to clearly see the failure mode evolution and the levels passing the configured alarms.

However, during the temperature monitoring it was possible to notice a constancy in this parameter, i.e. it did not show any tendency or heating of the component.

The truth is that several tools were used in the confirmation of the problem in the spring, among them, the autocorrelation tool that shows an irregular movement in the operation, given the inhomogeneity in the rotation of the asset, something that is clear in the circular plotting of the graph.

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