Step-by-step to deploy sensitive inspection with DynaSens 

June 28, 2022

Aiming to optimize the field inspector’s time and the maintenance management, Dynamox has developed a tool to perform sensitive inspection that, as you know, uses the human senses for failure detection.  

In this article, we will discuss how the DynaSens tool, present in the Dynamox Web Platform, applies these concepts and what are the main elements that compose the tool that can be used through the Dynamox App on the cell phone or tablet.   


The DynaSens solution is divided into three pillars that will be commented below, they are:   

  • Configuration and Management (Web Platform)  
  • Execution (Application)  
  • Reports and Analyses (Web Platform)  

Configuration and Management (Web Platform)  

This first step is essential for the success of your sensitive inspection. Here you can create customized checklists that are compatible with your assets and the reality of your business.   

When creating checklists, you define the questions that will help you monitor your equipment and the way you will answer them, through checkboxes, audios, and photos.

If necessary, you can also include blank spaces in the checklists to take notes of measured quantities through instrumented inspection techniques, such as, for example, pressure and temperature.   

For each monitored equipment it is possible to build several checklists. Each checklist is appropriated to assist in the inspection of its respective component, taking into account its operating characteristics.

Once the checklist questions are defined, it is necessary to associate it to the corresponding equipment in the asset tree available in the Dynamox Web Platform.

Combining the content of the checklists with the particularities of the equipment.  

The next step is to define the sequence and periodicity of the execution of your inspection routes. 

It is important to highlight that the sequence of assets inspection can be customized according to the reality of the factory floor, ensuring a more efficient inspection, adjusted to the needs of your industry.   

Execution (Application)  

Once the routes have been set-up we start the 2nd stage, in the app, where the inspector will receive the inspection demands (pre-configured in the platform) and map the conditions of the assets.  

When answering the checklists, in addition to the objective questions that are set-up in the previous step, it is still possible to select a criticality level, facilitating the perception of the actual severity in which the asset is in.   

The inspection routes can also be performed offline, offering greater freedom to the inspector during the route.

In this case, the information collected during the route can be later synchronized with the cloud and accessed through the Web Platform.   

Reports and Analyses (Web Platform)  

Having the information collected in the field, we head to the 3rd step to interpret the detected anomalies.

Within the Web Platform you can access the charts and reports generated from the data collected during the route.   

In addition to the reports generated during the routes, you can access dashboards with health indicators of all areas of your company that were inspected, status of scheduled inspections (performed/not performed), criticality alerts, and the evolution of parameters of the measurements of the quantities collected through the instrumented inspection.    

Through the Machine Viewer (the screen which shows the Machine’s condition), it is possible to concentrate both the information collected by the sensors, as well as the anomalies reported through sensitive inspection and measurements collected in the instrumented inspection.   

Comparing the data collected by the DynaLoggers with the information obtained during the inspection route is the ideal strategy for an effective monitoring of your equipment.

The union of technological precision and the sensitivity of human perception presents even more accurate results in your analyses.   

Learn more about DynaSens by contacting us. And to learn more details about sensitive inspection, check out the article “Sensitive Inspection as a maintenance ally“.  

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