Plant avoids the loss of 23 million tons of ore

January 21, 2021

Vale’s Carajás Plant published in its electronic magazine “Usina” the results achieved in 2020 with predictive inspection. The predictive inspection team managed to avoid the loss of 23 million tons of iron ore.

In addition, more than 6,500 hours of downtime for corrective maintenance of equipment ceased with the predictive monitoring and 756 bearings were replaced in preventive monitoring, avoiding breakage.

With the positive results, the Carajás Plant’s Predictive Supervisor, Olavo Duarte, comments that in 2021 there will be more remote monitoring points in the plant, which will reduce the team’s exposure by more than 2,000 hours.

The plant already foresees the implementation of an Asset Monitoring Center and intends to monitor 100% of the assets online, to ensure “reliability and safety in the processes, and especially the safety of people”.

“We are very proud to participate in this partnership with Vale at the Carajás Plant and help the team to achieve the expected benefits.

Our main objective is to contribute to the increase in the availability of assets, monitoring even the equipment that is difficult to access, avoiding risky situations for workers,” says Guillaume Barrault, CEO of Dynamox.

Check out pages 28 to 31 of the electronic magazine “Usina” that cite the gains achieved and the planning for this year at the Carajás Plant.

Source: Vale

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