DynaNeo: the new visual management tool 

July 17, 2023

The Dynamox solution has a new feature: DynaNeo. Learn more about this visual management dashboard and find out why this tool will be your greatest ally in the inspection and maintenance routes of your assets. 

What does visual management of industrial assets consist of?  

Visual asset management is the process that allows all variables related to the health of assets to be viewed and monitored by everyone at any time. Thus, it is possible to easily identify relevant information, quickly assess risks and clearly understand if there is any criticality, avoiding unplanned stops in production. 

Consequently, visual management also improves production efficiency, increases asset availability and reliability, enhances safety and aids maintenance staff decision-making. 

What is DynaNeo? 

Have you thought about organizing all the health information of your industrial assets plant stored in the Dynamox environment in a simple and centralized way? 

DynaNeo makes it a reality. Its customizable, unifying, interactive and easy-to-view design allows you to manage your maintenance processes in a more assertive way, based entirely on the indicators of interest that you, as a user, indicate. 

With DynaNeo you can create dashboards with the flows that are most important to your business, visualize in real time the main indicators of your production process, identify which assets need your immediate attention, and display their health in a clear and centralized way, speeding up decision-making. 

In addition, with DynaNeo, it is much easier to understand if the monitored asset has any vibration and temperature fault alerts and if the sensitive inspections are indicating any criticality, or if the equipment reports have been resolved. With this visualization, cohesion between the equipment helps to schedule the necessary stops. 

Thus, you can drastically reduce the time it takes to identify and correct faults along the entire production chain and guide decisions according to the potential of each asset without interrupting the process in the event of a failure. 

Is it easy to use? 

One of the great characteristics of DynaNeo is accessibility and clarity in the construction of the flow. Add the assets you want and organize them according to the plant structure; configure the indicators you want and define the degrees of criticality for each asset. 

Just hold and drag the cards to configure the asset layout according to your needs. This way, DynaNeo allows you to customize reliability calculations and set goals to maintain the health of your process. 

With all the information on a single screen, managing all the assets that are relevant to your process is easier every day!

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