The basis of the DynaPredict solution is a Bluetooth data logger with vibration and temperature sensors, which monitors the health of a machine and performs spectral analysis.


The measured parameters are instantly displayed on the smartphone and its history stored on the cloud or local server for remote access.


The solution also has the alternative of automatic data collection via Gateway, also developed by Dynamox.

The wireless device is initiated by a smartphone over Bluetooth. The data stored in DynaPredict is displayed on the smartphone screen and transferred to the cloud server.

Its operating mode is configured in parameters such as sampling interval, acceleration and temperature. The storage is periodic and asynchronous. Performs spectral analysis..

Information available includes data history, logging of photos and activities. Monitored points are traced. Remote access permits information sharing.

DynaPredict is a Bluetooth data logger ideally used on machinery or equipment where vibration and temperature are relevant parameters for maintenance.


Reduce risks of breakdown and incidents with industrial machines

Detect early stage failures and act proactively

Improve the safety for employees and environment security

Generate savings with corrective and preventive maintenance

Improve use and management of spare parts inventory

Improve reliability and maintainability of the industry



Simply attach (glue or screw) to the machine, start the device and read the data using a smartphone or tablet.


Asynchronous: Storage of non-standard and non-expected parameters in periodic measurements.

Periodic: Parameters are periodically stored.


Acceleration and temperature readings are screen displayed to support quick decisions.

Spectral Analysis

I – Diagnostics at any time using a smartphone or tablet.

II – Automate data collection by our Gateway device.


It is wireless and easy to install.

You may access its data from the comfort of your room.

Devices with acceleration and temperature sensors and Bluetooth communication monitor the health of your machines for greater reliability in your industry.