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Dr. Predict is an automated defect detection and prognosis tool, designed to monitor industrial machinery, generating periodic reports to highlight components with high probability of failure and suggest actions for maintenance planning.

In Dr. Predict, the data collected by the DynaPredict Solution sensors are systematically processed and metrified in two different analysis modules:

  • Defect detection by condition characterization, and;
  • Failure prognosis.

Who is it for

For the industry using the DynaPredict Solution of wireless sensors for continuous asset monitoring. The greater the number of installed sensors, the more relevant Dr. Predict's technology becomes.

Expected Benefits

  • Productivity: let technology do the management of exception (indicates which assets need prioritized attention);
  • Safety: less need of workers in risk areas;
  • Greater agility and assertiveness in decision making about maintenance actions.

How does it work

Defect detection module

The condition characterization module is based on monitoring global metrics for statistical data trend analysis, using up to 5 condition alert levels to generate an 80:20 report.

Failure prognostics module

The components identified as defective in the defect detection module are also processed in the failure prognostics module, in which Dr. Predict computes local monitoring metrics of components*, using advanced signal processing techniques, specific to detect each type of mapped failure mode, defining recommendation and action messages for the asset.

The results are displayed on a customized dashboard with filters, interactive tables and graphs, where technicians and analysts can access the data to define an optimized maintenance planning.

*Dynamox is constantly developing and improving business models and rules to evaluate different types of assets and their components in mining, pulp and paper and a diverse array of industries.

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DynaPredict Solution

Wireless sensors for vibration and temperature monitoring are the basis of the DynaPredict Solution
DynaPredict Solution

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