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A conquista do selo GPTW representa para a Dynamox o reconhecimento da nossa equipe como empresa que preza pela cultura da confiança, respeito, autonomia e inovação. Estar entre as melhores do Brasil mostra que o caminho certo vem sendo trilhado para o crescimento pessoal e profissional de nossos colaboradores e o comprometimento de estar em constante evolução do clima organizacional.

Vem fazer parte do DynaTeam!

Why you will enjoy working at Dynamox

Health Plan - UNIMED

The health care plan offers outpatient and hospital care, including medical appointments, auxiliary diagnostic and therapeutic services, hospitalization for clinical, surgical and obstetric procedures, in collective or private accomodations, and, when necessary, in Intensive Care Units (ICU).


Free monthly or emergency care with a physiotherapist, osteopath trained in the McKenzie method that uses exercise and physical manipulation to correct and improve posture and neutralize ergonomic effects. Discount on network of gyms through the GoGood wellness app, competitions and events.


Food or meal aid for all, transportation voucher or fuel card with no discount.


Aligned to the market.

Sport support

Discount on network of gyms through the GoGood wellness app, competitions and internal events.


Agreement with the pharmacy chain, dental agreement and ACATE agreement, which provides cultural facilitation.

The People who make Dynamox

  • colaboradora-vanessa-card
    Vanessa Teixeira Chaves

    "There are several reasons to enjoy working at Dynamox: respect for the individual, work environment, structure and tools suitable for each role, leadership vision shared with employees, growth perspective, differentiated benefits, among others."

  • colaborador-daniel-card
    Daniel Tatsc

    ”What makes me enjoy working at Dynamox: the company's vision, to always keep its employees trained, through the support and encouragement to study, and ease of communication with management. Frequent feedback meetings are held in order to align thoughts, suggestions and criticisms, ensuring harmonious coexistence among all employees."

  • caolaborar-arthur-card
    Artur Nilo Valle

    "What I like most about Dynamox is the concern the company has for the physical and mental well-being of the team. The health options that the company offered, such as consultation with Osteopath and access to the GoGood health app, encouraged me to take even more care of my heath and exercise more.“

  • colaborador-lucas-card
    Lucas Zanette

    "Dynamox is a very friendly and warm environment to work in, and all sectors are very receptive to suggestions and criticisms."

Communication Channels

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