Confiabilidad Spa was formed to provide services and consultancy with high added value, through tools and solutions for predictive monitoring, asset management and reliability that allow customers to obtain greater productivity from their plants. With a team of experts that brings together a great deal of knowledge in the Implementation, Assistance, Configuration, Sales of Solutions, Online and Offline Monitoring Technologies and Asset Management. Working successfully in Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

Matías Cousiño, 150, Oficina 716, Santiago, Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile — 8320279 —  +56 9 57285261


Proxémica Industrial, S.A. de C.V., it is composed of certified reliability specialists, dedicated to the development and implementation of lubrication strategies and monitoring of machine conditions. It has offices strategically located in the Mexican territory to serve the manufacturing, mining, steel, glass, plastic and paper industries, etc.

Calzada del Valle, 400, n9, col. Del Valle, San Pedro GArza García, Nuevo León, México – WhatsApp: +52 1 81 1588 5347