Sensors identify potential failure in EX-classified area

December 21, 2023

Dynamox’s wireless sensors are Ex-certified, which means they are properly protected and suitable for safe use in hazardous areas. Therefore, our solution can monitor a Motor-Pump set, a highly critical asset, located in an Ex-classified area.

Ex-classified areas are those where there is a possibility of an explosion, either due to the way they operate, the types of materials used or stored, or the type of installation, among other factors. Dust, vapors and gases are some of the elements present in the mining sector, for example, which may qualify for the area’s Ex classification. From July 9, 2023, the set showed an increase in the vibration level, which was verified both in telemetry and in the calculation in Envelope 2 kHZ to 6.4 kHZ, Peak-to-Peak and Peak-to-Peak global acceleration.

Telemetry monitoring – RMS Acceleration metric
Explosion-proof motor drive for the motor-water pump set

When analyzing the vibration spectrum, the peaks of 1x rotation and BSF with harmonics were identified. In the images below, you can see the vibration spectrum in envelope and cepstrum, in both of which you can see the failure and its severity.

Exponential rise in Global Peak-to-Peak Acceleration
Envelope Spectrum 2 KHZ to 6.4 HZ with BSF peaks with harmonics clearly visible.
Cepstrum graph with rahmonics at 1x RPM clearly visible.

By detecting the failure, that is, bearing wear, it was possible to schedule asset maintenance for replacement. In the video, you can see and hear the noise of the replaced bearing with each manual rotation. 

Monitoring continued and a reduction in vibration levels was observed, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness and timely action.

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