How to monitor eletric generator  

August 16, 2022

The electric power generator is a synchronous machine employed in the conversion of energy for many different types of operations.

A generating unit can convert mechanical, chemical, or thermal energy into electrical energy.

However, the most recurrent application of generators is in the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy, called electromechanical energy conversion.  

Generators are essential for the operation of activities that demand high energy demands, such as the operation of hospital units, industrial complexes, and cultural events such as performances and festivals.

Used in emergency situations, such as power outages or lack of lighting, generators also reduce the risk of accidents.  

Equipment Maintenance 

Keeping the maintenance of generators up to date is essential for the operation’s functioning, because they are indispensable equipment in several applications in the industry.

Maintenance of generators is generally divided into steps that should be carried out periodically.

Thus, maintenance intervals for generators are generally divided into:

  • every 250 or 500 hours of operation; 
  • daily;
  • weekly;
  • monthly
  • semiannual;
  • yearly.

Some precautions included in these maintenance routines are checking the oil levels in the machines’ engines, changing worn parts and fuel filters, and inspecting the batteries.

The use of predictive maintenance techniques directly contributes to cost reduction, since the need for replacement parts is reduced.

In this way, predictive techniques lead to savings in resources and time spent on corrective maintenance.  

Predictive maintenance techniques for generators  

The need to comply with NR12 (Brazilian regulatory standard) imposes the adoption of some measures in equipment maintenance.

The standard reinforces the need for the protection of electrical machines with rotating elements, making it difficult to access this equipment.   

Remote monitoring via wireless sensors offers a solution for monitoring the condition of generators.

By collecting machine vibration and temperature data in an automated way, remote sensing contributes to increased reliability in machine performance. 

Through the collected data it is possible to visualize trend graphs that show the equipment’s operating conditions.

Thus, bringing greater predictability in the diagnosis of failures. 

Wireless sensors in the monitoring of a generator  

The Dynamox Solution has a triaxial sensor that collects vibration and temperature data from industrial assets wirelessly, through Bluetooth technology.   

The Dynamox Web Platform periodically receives the data collected by sensors sent through gateways installed in the plant or mobile application.   

In order to obtain reliable data, vibration measurements on generators should be taken at each bearing housing and at the crankshaft support bushings.

However, it is recommended to avoid installing the sensors in protective covers or in the base of the equipment.  

Learn about the possibilities of using Dynamox Solution in remote asset monitoring and consult us for more information.   

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