How to manage sensitive inspection routes with DynaSens

July 19, 2021

Sensitive inspection is a technique in which the analyst uses the senses (sight, hearing, smell, and touch) to assess the condition of the equipment.

This practice is widely used in maintenance management, together with technologies that facilitate the identification or signs of failures in industrial equipment.

DynaSens is an online management service for sensitive inspection routes, which aims to identify failures in assets through planning, management, and analysis of route data and checklists, created and configured via the Dynamox Web Platform.

In it, it is possible to consult and view data from reports generated in the field by means of dashboards, which present an overview of the situation of each route and the “health” of the equipment.

Anomaly indicators are reported and organized by: company sector, number of occurrences, and alert percentages, where A1 represents moderate alert and A2 represents severe alert.

The routes indicate the path the inspector must travel on the factory floor to collect the asset information.

A route plan is essential for controlling the sensitive inspection tasks that need to be performed, thus keeping the production system operational.

In DynaSens, the manager can manage routes, customizing information such as: periodicity, execution tolerance, start date, assets that compose them, actions to be performed by the inspector, and responsible users.

The checklists, on the other hand, are a sequence of questions, created in the Web Platform, which guide the inspector to verify anomalies in the equipment existing on the route.

On the Platform, the user can create checklist templates according to his or her manufacturing environment and apply them as often as necessary to the compatible equipment.

In the App, the DynaSens user can answer or justify the checklists, incorporate the sensitive inspection routine in use, identify the status of the routes, their stage, and completion within the established deadlines.

Also through the application, the user can determine the criticality of the reported problems, which become alerts on the platform and, in addition, attach audios and photos that facilitate the understanding of the anomalies described in the reports.

All these functionalities replace the inspector’s need to use paper and clipboards, making the process more practical and agile.

DynaSens also makes it possible to guide routes through an asset tree in the Web Platform, which organizes, in a hierarchical manner, points and permission levels for each user.

In it, you can associate each checklist with its respective asset and remotely check the components of assets monitored in other plants of the organization.

The use of checklists goes beyond a record of information. The main objective is to standardize, in an efficient way, the inspections, so that the maintenance planning is triggered and the failure impacts are smaller.

Integrated inspection for better service performance

Sensitive inspection will be most effective if combined with other predictive maintenance techniques, using vibration and temperature sensors.

The Dynamox Solution, integrated with the DynaSens service, combines the accuracy of DynaLoggers with the human senses of a skilled analyst, and optimizes the maintenance and asset management process.

The sensors’ collection can be programmed to be done within the same route and through the Dynamox Web Platform there is the possibility of analyzing predictive maintenance and sensitive inspection results on a single screen.

The concept of integrated maintenance is useful for those who want to structure their sensitive inspection process, and also for those who want to complement and cross-reference systemic predictive maintenance information (fixed, continuous or periodic sensor collection).

The two inspections directly complement each other and allow for more pertinent analyses. 

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