Dynamox’s sensors prevent bearing defect

August 11, 2023

Dynamox’s technology is a great ally for maintenance teams, and it was through this technology that a defect in a cooling tower bearing was identified by analyzing the asset’s behavior using sensors and the Web Platform. This made it possible to carry out maintenance actions more than 90 days in advance, in a planned and safe manner.

Dynamox's sensors act on a bearing defect

By analyzing the velocity spectrum and using the circular waveform autocorrelation tool, it was possible to identify the race and cage fault in the gearbox bearing.

With this information, the entire maintenance flow was planned to take place at an appropriate moment, avoiding disruption to the production process and additional costs for the industry.

sensors generate vibrational monitoring graphs

Data collection, carried out after asset intervention, showed that the vibrational levels of the gearbox had decreased. The images below show the damaged bearing, which confirmed the faults identified by the platform.

sensors identify a bearing defect

Dynamox’s sensors diagnosed the condition of the asset more than 90 days in advance. This allowed maintenance to be carried out in a planned and safe manner.

You can find more cases like this on our blog. Read more about the way Dynamox identified a defect in an electric motor bearing in advance.

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