Installation and Parameterization of Sensors and Gateways

For the DynaPredict Solution

Dynamox has a specialized team that supports with the physical installation (or supervision of the installation), configuration and commissioning of the DynaPredict sensing system.

Who DynaPredict is designed for

For customers of Dynamox technology who are not yet familiar with the installation process and seek the security of a well-defined and applied scope of application, requiring results

For companies looking to be up and running with a solution quickly

Expected benefits

Agility and assertiveness in putting the system into operation

Easily configured to suit the industry's monitoring needs

Sharing of experiences and training of the local team that will operate the system

How it works

This service requires setting the technical scope, the service requirements, deciding on the level of investment, hiring, and preparing the execution schedule prior to use.

Reach out to us to speak with one of our sales representatives to decide if this solution would be right for you!

Our Services

In addition to our high-tech products for vibration and temperature monitoring and data acquisition, at Dynamox we offer customized and integrated services, important resources for effective asset management. Our R&D department relies on vibration specialists, focused on offering services in line with industrial needs.


It is a tool used to facilitate and structure sensitive inspection, in which the technician uses his senses (sight, hearing, smell and touch) to evaluate the "health" of the equipment. It ca...

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Installation and parameterisation of Sensors and Gateways

The Dynamox specialized team does the physical installation or supervision of the installation, parameterization and commissioning of the DynaPredict sensing system. It also includes the tra...

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Software integration

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