Dynamox Soluções Criativas Ltda, pursuing its mission to turn high technology friendly and affordable to everyone, creating and developing technological solutions for the industry 4.0 is committed to obtain and distribute credibility and therefore strives to develop and implement instruments of Compliance. It seeks to achieve high Compliance standards in accordance to statutory and regulatory requirements, applicable to the structure of its Integrated Management System, for national and international businesses. Management and teams develop the necessary policies with emphasis on transparency, participation of all members encouraged to address matters with an open mind, make available the Dynamox’s first “Code of Ethics and Conduct”, the basis for anti-corruption awareness, and to achieve the desired state of Compliance. This document is available to all interested parties at

In this way, Dynamox already has its channel for absolutely confidential manifestations:, whose access is directed exclusively to the attention of the CEO.

Dynamox understands Compliance as the dissemination of a culture of integrity and citizenship paradigm, and wishes to gain and maintain the participation of its employees, internal and external partners, customers and suppliers, in short, all interested parties, recognized and declared in its Quality System, and whose expectations are followed up with zeal, full time. Dynamox, on this occasion, INVITES its customers, the USERS of its solutions, to participate actively in this Compliance initiative, ensuring in any situation, a worthy and respectable attendance in all phases of the relationship, including with its intermediaries, honorable partners that are communicated of the Compliance initiative, answering honestly to satisfaction surveys so that attendance strategies and services provided are improved.

Thank you in advance.
Dynamox Management.

Original Version, February 27th, 2019