An air conditioning engineer is finishing the installation of several units on a rooftop. Two colleagues can be seen also installing units in the background. They are wearing hi vis jackets, hard hats and safety goggles.

About Dynamox

Dynamox is a high-tech company that develops monitoring and data acquisition systems, focused on vibration and temperature parameters It is specialized in vibration analysis and industrial asset condition monitoring.

Solution ideal for predictive maintenance. Other solutions are applied the monitoring of temperature controlled products and environments.

Dynamox counts with a R&D department that develops complete systems: hardware, firmware and software.


Temperature and vibration monitoring system for industrial maintenance.

Job Description

The vibration failure modeller will be a key business partner in developing predictive analytical approaches, including machine learning, to generate insights that will influence business decisions and operations at Dynamox. Your primary responsibilities are the creation and implementation of predictive/forecasting models for machinery failure diagnostics. You will also be responsible for the ongoing model maintenance, internal and external reporting, and the development of sophisticated analysis in terms of the machinery vibration diagnostics and severity condition to drive key business strategies and outcomes.

Key Responsibilities

  •   Modelling vibration failures:
  • ○ Modelling of predictive maintenance diagnostics and prognostics of general rotating machinery parts;
  • ○ Development of signal processing techniques to identify faults and relate them to time to failure;
  • ○ Signal processing;
  • ○ Perform statistical analysis and modeling using preprocessed dataset to develop anomaly detection and failure signature models. The model development steps will involve selecting relevant time periods, failure events, and parameter tuning for training and testing machine learning models;
  • ○ Generate prognostic reports from measured data analysis.
  •   Research and Development:
  • ○ Explore latest technologies in data mining and modeling, and their applications in context of maintenance and reliability projects.


  •   Relevant Experience in areas such as predictive maintenance, manufacturing, application of LEAN principles, advanced data analytics/modeling;
  •   Solid machinery vibration data analysis skills, and knowledge of statistical and analytics software development;
  •   Industrial/Development Experience;
  •   Proficiency in acoustic/vibration signal processing;

Additional Experiences preferred (but not required)

  •   Knowledge of industrial processes;
  •   Bachelors/Masters of Science in Engineering/Physics;
  •   Specialization in Manufacturing/Maintenance;
  •   Experience in a prediction software development;
  •   Effective team player with interpersonal skills;
  •   Programming skills in Python, MATLAB or Java.

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